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Part No. Flyer Description
150-8010 SVL56 Pumps
807-0042 Champion Pumps
807-0059 Viper Pumps
807-0068 EX2 Pumps
807-0100 SMF Pump
807-1021 Econo Flo Pumps Brochure
150-8030 Tiny Might / Iron Might Brochure
807-2010 Booster Pump

Filters & Filter Systems

Part No. Flyer Description
807-0095 ClearWater II Cartridge Standard Systems
150-8120 ClearWater II Cartridge Deluxe Systems
807-0056 ClearWater II DE Standard & Deluxe Systems
807-0025 Crystal Water Cartridge Filters
807-0024 Crystal Water DE Filters
807-0075 ClearWater Sand Standard Systems
150-8130 ClearWater Sand Deluxe Systems
807-0028 Carefree Sand Filters
807-0094 Carefree Sand Standard Systems
807-0029 Carefree Sand Deluxe Systems
807-0060 UltraClean Pro Sand Filters
807-0044 ProClean Cartridge and DE Cartridge Filters
807-0057 TWM Cartridge Systems
807-0055 TWM Sand Systems

Above Ground Systems


Crystal Water Filters Hang Tag

Drains & Suctions

Part No. Flyer Description
  Please see our VGB 2008 Section for more info!
807-0097 VGB Drains & Suction


Part No. Flyer Description
807-1022 Thread-in Gunite Jets


Part No. Flyer Description
807-0067 TruSeal Diverter and Check Valves
807-1111  TruSeal 3″ Check Valves

Skimmers & Skim Filters

Part No. Flyer Description
807-0036 Renegade Venturi In-Ground Skimmer
807-0078 Renegade Gunite Skimmer

Chlorinators & Air Systems

Part No. Flyer Description
150-8050 ClearWater Chlorinator
807-8410 Air Systems

Foreign Language Materials

Part No. Flyer Description
150-8010S SVL56 Pumps – Spanish
807-0042-S Champion Pumps – Spanish
807-0042-F Champion Pumps – French
807-0100-S SMF Pump – Spanish
807-0100-F SMF Pump – French
807-0025-S Crystal Water Cartridge Filters – Spanish
807-0024S Crystal Water DE Filters – Spanish
807-0028-S Carefree Sand Filters – Spanish
807-0044-S ProClean Cartridge & D.E. Cartridge Filter – Spanish
150-8050-S ClearWater Chlorinator – Spanish
150-8050-F ClearWater Chlorinator – French


Part No. Flyer Description
807-0062 Hoses and Tubing
807-0352 Spa Steps
807-2000 Spa Pack


Part No. Flyer Description
807-0120 2014 Product Worksheet